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Insecticides, acaricides



Plant growth stimulants


Against household insects


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Welcome to the third annual agricultural business-meeting, which will be held on October 13-16, 2011 at the southern coast of Crimea at one of the largest hotels of Yalta "Yalta-Intourist". read more...
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Crop protection, crop protection means

If you have decided to protect your sowings and green planting from vermins, diseases and weeds then application of crops protection means would become the pledge of agricultural crops rich yield. Crop protection means would be of use for you if you'll need to fasten fruits ripening or seedlings rooting.

Today a large number of new preparations have appeared on the market of crop protection means, so the customer is able to choose the crop protection mean to match him.  But however there is the very vexed problem of preparations forgery. As a rule, the forgeries differ by a very low prices. If you were offered such preparation we advise you to  pay your attention on acting ingredients concentration, which is usually small for effective vermins control.

High preparation quality is not only the guarantee of its effectiveness, but minimization of unfavourable ecological after-effects as well.

Today we offer you a wide spectrum of crop protection means of the highest quality. Wide products assortment fully meets the farmers requirements at cultivation of grains, legumes, fruits, vineyards and many other agricultural crops.

The following groups of crop protection means are presented in our catalogue: herbicides, insecticides, protectants, rodenticides, growth stimulants, fungicides.

Each of these category is presented by the products of the highest quality, which meet the world standards and have the high level of ecological and toxicological safety.

Choosing any crop protection mean at our Web you'll receive the qualitative product to protect your sowings and green plantations from weeds, vermins and diseases.  All means passed all needed tests and thorough checkings. All crop protection means presented at our Web have Certificates of Quality and Certificates of Sanitation and Epidemiological Expertise.

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